Here at Artificial Grass Ltd, we carefully manufacture and sell the best grass for your lovely lifestyle.

 So, why do we think our grass is the greatest?

  • The grass is durable, so that you can expect it to last well, particularly in areas of heavy usage, like walkways. (We guarantee our grass for at least eight years.)
  • You only need to carry out light maintenance once the grass is installed, so no more lugging the lawnmower around, or getting down on your hands and knees to weed the grass, allowing you to sit back and relax for longer, or spend more time on what matters to you.
  • Because you won’t need to mow or apply fertilisers or pesticides, you are helping the environment, and saving yourself money.
  • You will be the envy of your neighbours: because you don’t need to water artificial grass, you will still have green grass when that of your neighbours has dried up or become too wet to play or walk on.
  • We will manufacture your grass, here in the UK. Our factory is based in Cumbria and run by a dedicated team who ensure high quality control – in fact, artificial grass has been made here since 1969! This is also the same team who also make synthetic turf for sports pitches, including world renown football and rugby clubs (find out more at
    • This means three things:
      • firstly, we are accountable and can respond to your needs,
      • you are also helping UK manufacturing and industry (we are part of the Made In Britain campaign), and
      • finally, your grass has travelled just a short distance to be with you.

Take a look at our grass comparison chart to see which grass will benefit you most and order your samples. You might want to install the grass yourself, in which case take a look at our installation instructions, or if you would prefer to sit back and watch someone else do the hard work, find a landscaper who can install it for you.